PHP Guru 99

We received the following email from Alex Nordeen;

“I want to highlight that we recently create tutorials on PHP ( that took 260+ hours to create with beautifully annotated screenshot, and is very comprehensive.

The tutorials are created by a Rackspace veteran and I have personally edited them. The course covers

PHP Basics like Introduction, Installation Guide, Data Types, Variables, and Operators.
It also introduces Control structures, Functions, Strings, Regular expression, Error Handling, Cookies & Sessions.
We also touch on advanced topics like PHP mail, MySQL Functions, Security, XML Parser, and Create PHP Application.

Do you feel it could be a good fit for your audience?  Might be worth a mention 🙂 ”

Our answer is yes and look below for the great website…

[advanced_iframe securitykey=”225579c7ab26df20704e8fe2a1d8b192cd10e4e5″ src=””]

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