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macweb copy 300x165 Your Best Friend in Web DesignsWith so many new websites and start-ups springing up every day, a high-quality, professional web site is no longer optional — if it ever was. That is why American Fido, your best friend in web designs, wants to help. If you want your company to be taken seriously, let alone stand out, you need to have a design that is both memorable and professional.

However, getting to that point can be difficult. With the exception of start-ups focused on design, most new companies are not founded by people who are naturals at Web design and few have much in the way of resources to throw at the problem.

This can create a major dilemma for a startup, causing some to either push a non-designer into the role of Web developer or simply ignore the problem until they have more money and time down the road. However, if you want your company to thrive online, neither option is acceptable.

So how can you get your new start up a professional web design that will get it recognized? There is no real secret to it, it is just a matter of hard work and making design a priority, but there are a few ways you can save both time and money getting to your end design goal.

The importance of KISS and American Fido

KISS, or “Keep It Simple, Stupid” is a sound principle in many things but it is especially critical for designing websites on a budget.

Simple designs are easier to create, thus making them cheaper and faster, but they are also bolder, more memorable and more adaptable. A truly simple design will work just as well on a smartphone as it does a 24” monitor and will stand out in users’ minds.

Rather than trying to cram everything you could possibly want into a design, start by focusing on one key element you want to highlight and build the rest of your site around that. Treat your design like you would a neon sign, something that has to stand out and can only carry a short, but powerful, message.

Once you’ve got a strong visual center, it’s best to also keep the rest of your layout in a clean, simple and familiar format. The traditional two-column layout is probably the most-used and most-popular format for doing just this. A two-column layout with a right hand side bar and a navigation bar at the top not only makes it clear to readers where to go, but is a design that is familiar to nearly all readers.

Once you’ve got your visual center and your layout, don’t paint your site with the equivalent of a dirty brush. Use strong, vibrant colors that stand out and try to limit yourself to just one primary and one secondary color. Using a lot of muted colors and subtle contrasts will make your design hard to see and make it appear “gray”.

If you need help choosing a good color scheme, use a site like to help you pick a vibrant and attractive scheme.

In short, keep everything you do streamlined, with one focal point, one main color, one secondary color, and a simple one or two column layout for the rest of your content.

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